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These decals are produced using 7 year premium vinyl, automotive & marine quality vinyl designed for indoor and outdoor use. Decals should always be applied to a smooth, clean, dry surface, non-porous surface,

o      If you are happy with the default color ( white )

just purchase and pay for the sticker.

o      To request one of the colors shown please contact the seller by including a note with your payment or by sending the seller a message immediately after making payment.

     Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, Gold, White, Silver

     Only the colors shown above are available. 

     The stickers consist of three layers 

o       The top layers is called application tape, it allows you to transfer the sticker to the surface you want to stick it to. The next layer is the sticker itself. As you can see in the diagram the sticker consists only of the logo itself, there is no background or clear area around it. The bottom layer is the backing paper, the adhesive underside of the sticker rests on this.



  • Clean surface and remove any dirt or oils before attaching decal.
  • Remove backing from decal, leaving decal stuck to application tape
  • Using the application tape, secure the top of decal to cleaned surface. DO NOT stick entire design down.
  • Using a credit card or similar, squeegee the entire decal surface, starting from the top of the design. Apply medium pressure to decal surface to ensure bonding
  • Carefully peel back the application tape, pulling down at a 45 degree angle. The decal should adhere to the window. If the decal adheres to the application tape, stick the decal and tape back down and squeegee the design again.
  • Tip: To remove any air bubbles under the decals after you have applied the decal to your window, use a sewing needle, puncture the bubble and gently push the air bubble towards the hole with your finger.
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